Aerial Photography Cardiff

 Drone Aerial photography and videography services within Cardiff South Wales and the surrounding areas.

We are comfortable flying in a variety of situations, be it a busy city environment or out in the open countryside.

We cater to all budgets big and small, so you can be sure with our tailored packages you will get the results you’re looking for.

Drones are able to provide a cost effective safe way, to achieve high quality results with very little risk to person or property, compared to traditional methods.

We operate in and around South Wales and its surrounding areas, we are able to travel the whole of the UK for large projects.

Aerial Photography and Videography Cardiff

At 249 grams the mini 2 is an ideal all rounder, due to its weight being under 250 grams it enables us to fly in all environments and be completely unobtrusive to the surroundings, Especially during live events and operating in residential areas.

Aerial Photography Cardiff