Drone Event Photography Cardiff

The Best Way To Capture Any Event

Showcasing the entirety of your event is now more convenient with drone technology. Aerial perspectives can awe spectators, spotlight sponsors, and generate promotional content to allure an even larger audience to future events.

Aerial Event Photography

Recent trends in video promotion for festivals, live sports, and major business conferences consistently incorporate initial aerial drone footage and bird’s eye views to showcase event magnitude for compelling social media visuals. Prioritising safety, especially in large crowds, necessitates collaboration with safety focused professionals. We deliver comprehensive production services for various events, including corporate functions, trade shows, fundraisers, sports events, marine activities, music festivals, social gatherings, and indoor occasions. ¬†We’ve assisted numerous businesses similar to yours in making a distinct mark, streamlining their processes, and emerging as innovators in their industries. unparalleled customer service, and deliverables filled with value, We are the ideal collaborator to support you in crafting the solutions essential for your success.

We can reliably capture high resolution photo and video of your event, getting that unique perspective that you desire. Before any job commences, we work closely with you to find out the requirements of the job and to make sure we have a complete understanding of what is required to make sure we get the footage you need. We can work with any third parties such as event planners or architects to once again make sure our understanding of the job is correct and we carry out the process in the most time efficient, cost effective way. Each job will require us to perform a risk assessment to ensure we identify any potential risk factors or safety concerns before we take off, we also insure we have the correct permissions in place, this may be for example the land owner or the CAA, this way we can be sure we perform the flight legally and safely. Before anyone signs off on the job, we make sure that you the client is fully briefed on our intended course of action for the job based on the above steps, and you have the opportunity to ask any questions before we proceed with the job. By going through a vigorous process before we take flight we ensure as best we can that everything is in place and we have an understanding of the job and what needs to be done, however we are unable to control what the weather is doing on any one particular day, to mitigate any potential weather related issued we will stay in constant contact with you and monitor the forecast to make sure the job is booked on a day that will give us the best results possible.

Let's make something together

When working with a restricted point of view, it can limit how we see the full picture. By recognising the importance of altering perspectives to communicate a clear message. Having successfully documented numerous events, ranging from festivals and weddings to sports, we invite you to soar to new heights with us. Together, let’s capture the essence of your occasion from a vantage point that truly conveys its richness and significance.