Drone Photography Cardiff - F&Q

Usually we can get the raw images sent out to you within 24 hours, if you would like the images editied it will normally take around a week depending on how many images there are.

Yes we do contact us so we can discuss your needs =]

Video is shot in 4K, images are taken on a 12mp camera.

Yes, indeed we can, the drone is very small and light so it is hardly noticable, also due to the weight being under 250 grams we have very little restrictions placed on where we can fly.

Yes, as long as the wind speed does not increase beyond 20 MPH, any more than that and the drone will experience severe battery drain and the risk of fly always increase dramatically.


In a word no, This is down to the fact the drone is not waterproof, and also the visibility and clarity of the images will be poor.

South Wales, just outside cardiff.

The drone itself has a maximum range of about 6 miles, however any objects standing between the operator and the drone will interfere with the signal. Also, by law the operator must keep Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) at all times.